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What wines go well with a barbecue? A guide for wine and food lovers

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Spring is associated with the start of the barbecue season. You can comfortably cook delicious dishes outdoors. A great accompaniment to these is wine. The huge choice makes it difficult to decide on just one beverage. It's good to know that the different types of wine go well with certain dishes. A slightly different alcohol will go well with meat, cheese or vegetable dishes. It is worth knowing how to choose proper wines red and white to emphasise the qualities of the dish. 

What wine goes best with grilled food? 

Almost anything can be thrown on the grill. Sausages and meat are the basis, but there are of course more possibilities. It will also be important to choose the right accompaniments. These include white and red wines. However, the choice should not be random. The intensity of the aroma is important. For grilled dishes, a pronounced flavour is to be expected. Meat is usually marinated. There is also no shortage of sauces to enhance the flavour. If you are looking for a selecting the perfect wine, it should be based on the expressiveness of the dish in question. 

The rule of thumb is that for light dishes choose wines delicate in flavour. On the other hand, for fatty food, a heavier drink will be sensational. If one prefers light barbecued vegetarian dishes, the wine will be perfect white in the dry version. Dry sparkling wines can also be enjoyed. For vegetables, salads and cheese, a fruity varietal is ideal. A salad immediately tastes better with a juicy, refreshing wine. A universal choice is sparkling wine, which can be white or rosé. Some people treat it as a dessert. 

The perfect wines for the barbecue - which wines? 

For grilled, tender meat, the best option is to reach for a well-structured white wine. For lightly seasoned dishes, chardonnay, pinot gris, tempranillo go well. However, if one serves heavily seasoned dishes, the principle of contrast works, i.e. a light red wine is served. This solution will work well with fish, poultry, meat skewers. On the other hand, well-built red wines, matured in barrels, are best for sausages, steaks and burgers. As you know, fatty and heavy dishes should be sipped with something expressive. The large number of spices and sauces even requires this. If someone prefers meat with a sweet sauce, a wine with a delicate sweetness can be confidently recommended. 

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Of course not you need to build on this guidance. It is always worth experimenting and trying out different solutions. After all, everyone has different preferences, so it is best to be guided by your own taste. Wine is used not only to enhance the taste of food. It is also worth knowing that it improves digestion and promotes an increased secretion of digestive enzymes. Of course, wine is not the only option, you can also reach for beverages that do not contain alcohol. 

There are many non-alcoholic wines to choose from, and the same can be said for beers. Another option would be lemonade, iced tea is also sensational. Natural juices also go well with grilled food. However, sweet drinks are not a good idea, and the same can be said of carbonated tonics. They are too strong and will dampen the flavour of the grilled food. 

Which wine to choose for grilled food? 

White wine works well with delicate appetizers. Chicken and turkey go perfectly with dry or semi-dry white wine. You can therefore confidently serve pinot blanc, chardonnay. They go well with tender and tender meat. If one enjoys sweet or spicy grilled dishes, a red wine is much more suitable. Often the choice falls on pinot noir. When it comes to barbecues, delicacies such as pork neck and ribs are very popular. These go best with red wine, which improves digestion. Keep in mind that this type of food contains a lot of fat and is hard to digest. Dry wines with a hint of acidity can be recommended as an accompaniment. A little acidity together with the fat makes a perfect combination. Look for bordeaux, cabernet in particular. 

Match the beverage to the dish 

When it comes to fish dishes, the possibilities are vast, matching almost any beverage. You can choose from white and red wines. Seafood can also be grilled, the same goes for other exotic delicacies. It may seem easy to prepare, but in practice, this is not always the case. This raises the question of which wine will go best with seafood. A light white wine is ideal. Champagne is also an option. If you have never tried grilled seafood before, it is time to change. They are perfect as snacks. Bananas, strawberries and even apples can be placed on the grill. Sweet and semi-sweet wines are great options for fruity desserts. Many people will also like the combination of fruity sweetness with sparkling liquor. 

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