Is it possible to buy wine in Rossman?

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The Rossmann drugstore is mainly associated with cosmetics, but the assortment is not limited to care products, perfumes and so on. You can count on a rich and varied offer, which also includes a variety of drinks. It is not necessary to go to a liquor shop to buy wine. It is also available in Rossman in many versions to choose from. You can also find soft drinks.

What Rossmann wines do you recommend?

Rossmann is the right place for wine purchase. Dry liquors are quite popular and go well with many dishes.

Still Bay Chenin Blanc

You can opt for Still Bay Chenin Blanc, for example. This is a dry white wine in which apples, pears and even melon can be clearly sensed. Flavours of tangerine, chamomile and honey are also mixed in. It is a refreshing wine in which citrus dominates. In favour of the alcohol is the well-balanced acidity. It is a fresh and appetising wine worth tasting. It does not cost much, which is another advantage.

Rossman wines

Spinelli Pinot Grigio Terre di Chieti

Slightly more expensive will be the Spinelli Pinot Grigio Terre di Chieti dry white wine. Upon opening, the aroma of nectarine, green apple, pear, honey and flowers hits the nostrils. It is an interesting combination. The dominant flavour is lemon, mixed with notes of apple and pear. You can also sense peaches and brine. If someone likes strongly fruity wines, this will be a great option for them. The drink is pleasantly refreshing and light.

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rossman wines

Oberkircher Riesling Trocken

Oberkircher Riesling Trocken dry white wine is available in Rossman. Notes of apple and apricot predominate. You can also sense, to a lesser extent, the presence of lemon and pineapple. There is also the addition of fresh ginger, which enhances the spiciness.

rossman wines

Canale Black River Torrontes

Another option to choose from is again a dry white wine, the Canale Black River Torrontes. If one is looking for a breath of freshness, this beverage is worth testing. It has quite a delicate aroma and captivates with its pleasant notes. It is easy to sense rose petals, peaches and lemons. Of course, it doesn't stop there. There is also a note of mandarin and bitter orange.

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Baden Kaiserstuhl Spatburgunder Trocken

An interesting option would be a dry red wine in the form of Baden Kaiserstuhl Spatburgunder Trocken. The aroma is extremely pleasant, very intense. Raspberries and cherries are responsible for this. These are interspersed with notes of rose and vanilla. For some people, a homemade compote may come to mind. When drinking the drink, one is reminded of childhood flavours. The wine is light and one senses the addition of cranberries.

rossman wines

As everyone has different preferences, it is worth testing different spirits. In Rossman, the choice is huge, so there is something suitable for everyone. Affordable prices even encourage you to try new flavours.

Rossmann a non-alcoholic wines available

German spirits are renowned for being tasty, so it's worth finding out. All you have to do is head to Rossmann to choose something for yourself.

Appalina Chardonnay

Noteworthy among them is the Appalina Chardonnay, a non-alcoholic wine dry white. A bottle costs just under £30. The lack of alcohol makes it easy to reach for without sacrifice. It is characterised by a light yellow colour, with clear green highlights. The minimalist appearance can be deceiving. However, one only has to open the bottle to smell the distinct white flowers, pineapple and tropical fruits. Mineral notes are also discernible. If you are looking for something refreshing, the Appalina Chardonnay is worth a try. It delights with its lemon and grapefruit notes.

non-alcoholic wine rossman

Apallina Merlot

Z non-alcoholic wines from Rossmann Apallin Merlot can also be recommended. This will be a great option for those looking for a dry wine. This red wine straight from Germany is characterised by its deep colour, even garnet. You can smell the beautiful aroma of blackcurrant and cherries. High flavour and aroma qualities make Appalina Merlot worth reaching for. The long finish translates into smoothness and silky tannins. It's time to find out for yourself.

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Enjoy Rossmann wines

If anyone happens to be passing by the Rossmann, it is worth taking a look inside and heading towards the wine shelves. Many pleasant surprises await customers there. The liquor bottles are not very impressive. But it turns out that simplicity is the charm. Despite appearances, the inconspicuous wines from Rossman are very tasty. Of course, not everyone will find them to their liking, especially if someone has very high standards. However, it is worth giving drugstore wines a chance. You can count on a large collection of wines from various countries. The range is not limited to German spirits. They can also be french, Italian, Spanish, Montenegrin, etc.

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