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Are there non-alcoholic wines in Lidl?

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In recent years non-alcoholic wines are increasingly making their way into living rooms. They are, of course, controversial, but they are winning over an ever-growing number of fans. This is why Lidl has decided to put several types of these non-alcoholic wines on its shelves

What is non-alcoholic wine and how is it made?

To put it as simply as possible, non-alcoholic wine is a wine that has been stripped of alcohol. The production of this type of wine itself, up to a certain point, is similar to that of wines containing alcohol. The whole process starts with the fermentation of the grapes, and the resulting wine undergoes filtration and clarification. The only difference between alcohol-free wine and its percentage counterpart is that, before bottling, the wine goes through yet another process that deprives it of being alcoholic.

This process is dealcoholisation. It is carried out in a variety of ways, although two methods are most commonly used. These are distillation under vacuum and spinning cones. In the first case, the wine is heated to a temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius. This successively evaporates the alcohol from the wine until the alcohol content reaches 0%. Opponents of non-alcoholic wines point out that in this whole process of stripping the wine of alcohol, not only is the alcohol removed from the wine, but it also loses its valuable aromatic compounds, which significantly affects the quality of the resulting product.

This is not the case with the rotating cone method. With this method, valuable aromatic compounds are preserved, but it is worth bearing in mind that this method is a very complicated and expensive process. What does it involve? It mainly involves low-temperature centrifugation of the alcohol molecules from the wine. At the end of this process, a concentrated, alcohol-free extract is obtained, which is supplemented with fresh grape juice. The spinning cone method produces wine with an alcohol level of not less than 0.5% alcohol.


Non-alcoholic wine Lidl

Does the Lidl shop chain have a range of non-alcoholic wines? The answer is simple. Yes.

Sparkling Chardonnay

One of the three types of non-alcoholic wine you will find in Lidl is Sparkling Chardonnay de-alcoholised, which is a sparkling semi-sweet wine containing less than 0.5% of alcohol. The price of this product is £15.

Sparkling Chardonnay de-alcoholised


Another non-alcoholic wine that can be found in the Lidl shop is Chardonay de-alcoholised. This is a semi-sweet wine that falls into the 0.5% category. It will go great with poultry, fish or seafood dishes. The price of this wine is 15 zł.

Chardonay de-alcoholised

Cabernet Sauvinion

The third noteworthy non-alcoholic wine that the Lidl shop offers us is Cabernet Sauvinion de-alcoholised. It is a red, semi-sweet wine with a pleasant fruity taste and aroma. In the case of this wine, it will work best as an accompaniment to pork, beef or roast duck dishes. The price of this product is 15 zł.

Cabernet Sauvinion de-alcoholised

What does non-alcoholic wine taste like and how many calories does it have?

Many people think that non-alcoholic wine tastes the same as grape juice. Of course, this is untrue, although there is no denying that the absence of alcohol strongly affects the taste and aroma of non-alcoholic wines. This is because alcohol acts as a carrier of aromatic compounds. Undoubtedly, wines without alcohol are poorer in flavour than their percentage counterparts, however, it is possible to find some that surprise us.

People who are on a diet often wonder whether they can drink wine. In this case, non-alcoholic wine seems to be the way to go, as the main culprit for the excess calories in this type of liquor is alcohol. Non-alcoholic wine does not have this problem, so people who are careful about their weight can easily add a glass of alcohol-free wine to their meal. A glass of this type of wine is only 15 calories, or 90% less than wines containing alcohol.

Can pregnant women drink non-alcoholic wine and how to match it with a meal?

Mothers-to-be are concerned about the safety of their baby during pregnancy. This goes without saying, which is why alcohol-free wine will be the ideal and only choice for them when it comes to choosing this type of drink. They can even be confident that alcohol-free wine is completely safe for them. However, mothers-to-be must pay attention to the label to ensure that the alcohol level is 0%.

When it comes to wine selection non-alcoholic wine with a meal, the same rules apply here as for alcoholic wines. So white wine is chosen for light dishes and red wine for pork and beef.

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