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Is Carlo Rossi a good wine?

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As any wine lover is well aware, there are a huge number of different varieties, types, brands or types of wine on the market. And while this number is truly impressive, there is undoubtedly one particular brand that everyone probably knows, even if wine is not their favourite drink. It is, of course, Carlo Rossi, which has become one of the best-recognised wine brands thanks to numerous marketing campaigns. Where exactly does this brand come from, what are its types and, above all, how does it compare with other, competing wines in terms of price?

Where does Carlo Rossi wine come from?

Where should one start to find out about Carlo Rossi wine? First of all, of course, you need to find out where it actually comes from. Is it italian wineas the Italian-sounding name might suggest?
As it turns out, Carlo Rossi not only did not originate in Italy, it did not even come from Europe. The country of origin is the United States, more specifically the state of California. It was there, in 1974, that the Carlo Rossi brand was launched and quickly gained a large following thanks to a successful marketing campaign, which was still quite a novelty at the time. Right from the start, customers appreciated the brand's wine for its delicate and very smooth taste.
When did Carlo Rossi appear in Poland? It happened exactly in 1999 and very quickly, just like on other European markets, it gained a really large group of followers. Poles very quickly appreciated the taste, but also the relatively low price.

Types of Carlo Rossi wine

Now that it is clear where this wine brand and when exactly it appeared in Poland, it is now worth finding out what specifically is on offer from this producer. What types and flavours of wine can be found in Poland under the Carlo Rossi brand?
Since its inception, the brand has placed a strong emphasis on sweet wines. Its flagship products certainly include wines such as Carlo Rossi Intense Sweet Blackberry or Carlo Rossi Intense Sweet Concord. They are characterised by a very intense yet rich flavour. Even the untrained drinking wine a person can easily sense the fruity aromas in them. Other, not so popular wines of this brand are, for example, Carlo Rossi Pink Moscato or Carlo Rossi White Zinfandel.
Of course, the Carlo Rossi range does not end with sweet wines. In addition to this, this producer has quite a substantial portfolio of dry wines. The light, semi-dry Carlo Rossi Red wine, as well as the Carlo Rossi White should be given particular attention in this case. An excellent choice for lovers of cherries and raspberries in wine would be Carlo Rossi Cabernet Sauvignon, while Carlo Rossi Chardonnay will appeal to those who like citrus and apple aromas.
Recently, a new series called Refresh has also become very popular. The wines in this series are very lightly carbonated and contain a very perceptible fruit aroma. The Carlo Rossi Refresh Strawberry wine is particularly recommended.

Are Carlo Rossi wines expensive?

So, as you can see from the description above, Carlo Rossi is a producer with a really diverse range of wine flavours and there is certainly something suitable for everyone. However, before we go shopping, it is worth considering first what the specific prices of this producer are.
There is no denying that manufacturer Carlo Rossi never wanted it to be a premium brand. For this reason, prices are rather low, especially considering the top producers. In general, wine from this brand can be bought for around £25-30.

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