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Unforgettable wine tastings: discover gourmet vineyard journeys

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The world of wine is extremely beautiful, easily accessible on the one hand and extremely mysterious on the other. Has anyone already got to know all the wine secrets

Wine tasting: the art of exploring the diversity of flavours 

Wine tasting is a great opportunity to discover new, hitherto unknown flavours of wines from different parts of the world. Not everyone has the talent to recognise the wine, the year of production, the region of the world and other details. It is worth going to a tasting every now and then to broaden your horizons and learn something new. Usually, the offer of tastings is not only aimed at people from the catering industry, but ordinary people who want to get to know the beautiful world of wines better can take part in a tasting. It is worth planning an evening and going to an exceptional restaurant to take part in an extraordinary feast combined with a wine tasting. Take advantage of this opportunity to get knowledge of wines. This knowledge can come in handy not only in your professional life, but also in your everyday life. Besides, you never know when you will have to change industry and start your career from scratch. That's why it's a good idea to learn about the world of wine, explore and taste. You can impress a lot of people this way. 

A culinary journey through the wine regions

How do you embark on a journey through the wine regions? You can, of course, buy the wines yourself and taste them. However, you can also enrol on a course, where you will have the opportunity to taste more liquor under the guidance of an expert who will talk you through the whole wine-making process, the various regions of the world where wine is produced. Learning on your own can be an interesting experience, but why not give a teacher a chance? Of course, it's not worth limiting yourself to Poland. A great idea could be trip to a vineyard for example, in Spain, Portugal, Italy or other European countries. On the spot, you can open your eyes and ears wide and soak up the knowledge. A culinary journey through wine regions can take you all over the world. Nowadays, some universities offer courses and even studies related to the wine industry. In this way, you can get a solid education, which is sometimes appreciated in certain circles. 

Immerse yourself in wine culture: wine traditions and customs 

One of the interesting traditions associated with winemaking is certainly the so-called wine dance, which means that the workers knead the grapes with their feet. Whether this is a hygienic solution can, of course, be debated. Perhaps the sanitary and epidemiological services have a critical opinion about it. However, there is no doubt that many customs have been preserved for many generations and certain traditions will certainly continue in the decades to come. Certain cultivation and production behaviours are passed from father to sons and have been repeated for many centuries. It is therefore hardly surprising that the opinion of the services sometimes becomes irrelevant, as it is more important to preserve the cultural heritage. In some cities, wine-related events are organised periodically. It is worth keeping track of such events and every now and then look online to see if something interesting is happening in a nearby town. This is a unique time to learn about new wines and talk to experts about the wonderful world of wines. 

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Exclusive wineries for connoisseurs: The search for exceptional wines 

Where to look exceptional wines? Certainly not in the supermarket. Sometimes you can be surprised. Exceptional wines can be bought at prices low and high, it all depends on your luck and which specimen you're scheduled to buy. Travelling from vineyard to vineyard is a favourite holiday activity for all wine lovers. Sometimes there are no more holidays for other life activities. For many people, the biggest dream in life is to be able to taste wine in the place where the wine comes from. Some people simply love to taste wine, others only appreciate its qualities when paired with specific cuisine, with specific dishes. Therefore, when gaining knowledge about wines, it is always important to learn what a particular wine pairs with. Some go better with sweet dishes, others with salty dishes, others with meats, vegetables, dry dishes. Each person can read a given wine taste differently. People only seemingly experience taste in the same way. 

The grape harvest season: Harvesting the fruits of the winemakers' labour 

The grape harvest is hard work. Every year, many Poles go to France, for example, for this type of seasonal work. Is it possible to earn well on the grape harvest? Yes. However, you have to remember that it is hard, physical work, often for many hours a day, in the heat. Tasks have to be carried out quickly and efficiently because it is a job that is very much dependent on the weather, on nature. There is nothing more beautiful than harvesting the fruits of the winemakers' labour. This is another stage that contributes to the final result, the fine wine. There are sweet, semi-sweet, dry and other wines. Everyone has their own preferences. Before going to work abroad on a wine tour, it's a good idea to check the credentials of the agency in question, the opinions of current and former employees, so as not to hit a landmine. After all, safety is the most important thing. 

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