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Red or white? Choose the perfect wine for your meal

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The wine should be appropriately matched to the dish to create a coherent whole, adding to the expressiveness of the food. This raises the question of which wines go well with fish, particular meats, seafood, cheeses, cured meats and so on. 

Matching wines with dishes: Practical tips

The most important thing when it comes to choosing a liquor is, of course, to take one's individual preferences into account, because satisfaction becomes the priority issue. If someone does not like a particular wine, there is no point in reaching for it. Another point is to make sure that the alcohol contrasts properly with the food. Nothing can drown each other out, dampening the flavours. Pairing a light wine with a heavy and aromatic dish works well. 

Alternatively, you can opt for something completely different, which is to match the liquor on a similarity basis. This means that a heavy wine is served with a heavy dish. If only one type is served, it is matched to the main dish. If the dish includes a sauce, the wine should be matched with it. It is also important to know that wine is not served with vinegar, with the exception of balsamic vinegar. It is also important that dry and more acidic drinks are served first, mainly before the meal. 

Tasteful dance: Perfect wine and food combinations

A crisp white wine works sensationally well with easily digestible dishes, so you can confidently serve it with salad, seafood, fried chicken. If white wine has an intense aroma, it is ideal with less expressive food such as poultry, pork, vegetables, dumplings. Sweet, dessert white wines are the ideal option with desserts, such as ice cream and fruit. If someone decides to have an elegant dinner, white or rosé sparkling wine can be recommended. It will be a great option for dishes containing mushrooms and for soufflés. For dishes enriched with herbs and seafood, a light rosé wine will be ideal. 

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On the other hand, a fuller-flavoured variant can be combined with veal, pork and vegetables, for example. A well-structured red wine is recommended for spicy meals, pasta dishes, creamy soups, stewed meats and dishes with vinegar. Light red wine is used to enhance flavour, so it is worth serving with salads, poultry, vegetables. There is no shortage of spicy, strong red wine with a high alcohol content. Pair it with something equally intense and spicy to achieve the desired effect. This type of beverage goes well with steaks, stews, smoked fish, mature cheeses and dark chocolate. 

Wine for special occasions: Gourmet hints

For special occasions, it is advisable to choose high-quality liquors, preferably mature, older ones. If you don't know your guests' tastes, the safest bet is to go for something universal, i.e. a sweet, popular wine. Recognised spirits of Sauternes, Porto, Cherry, Tokaj or Eiswein will be recommended. Of course, it all depends on what kind of food is being served. 

For dry dishes, it is advisable to choose liquors with low acidity, rich in fruity notes. The less minerality and tannins, the better, as such alcohol is easier on the palate. You can also opt for a classic, i.e. Chablis or cask wine Chardonnay. Women tend to prefer wines pink, which have a floral and fruity aroma. 

Red or white wine: When to use which? 

As white wines are lighter, they are always served first, i.e. before the meal. They are sensational with fish dishes prepared with white meat. White wine is recommended to be chilled before serving, but only slightly. It will be great when serving a cheese and charcuterie board. If the dish is based on chicken, turkey, veal or other white meat, a semi-dry white wine will be best. 

In the case of liver, it is recommended to serve a semi-sweet white wine; a sweet wine is also a good choice. A light red wine, on the other hand, works sensationally with red meat, cured meats and cheeses, fried fish. A mature red wine, on the other hand, is an ideal option for game-based dishes, expressive flavours of blue cheese. Then there is rosé wine, suitable for dessert. 

Excellent wine for lovers of Mediterranean cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine is considered very healthy, dominated by fruit, vegetables, oily fish, seafood. White meat, legumes, whole grain products and dairy products are used. Wine, which accompanies the meal, is also very popular. It enhances the taste of the food eaten, stimulates digestion and provides a range of antioxidants. 

Wine is also served while cooking, as it allows it to add a distinctiveness to the food. It is not without reason that Greece, Spain and Italy are famous for producing the best spirits. Dry red wine, for example, can be used to tenderise meat, making it easier to digest. Dry and semi-dry white wine is ideal for soups. It can also be safely added to seafood dishes, desserts and sauces. 

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