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Buying wine from Biedronka

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Many people wonder whether it is possible to find good wine from Biedronka. It is incredibly common to hear the question about recommended wine from the market. In this article, we will present the top 5 wines from Biedronka. Not only in Biedronka, but also in the Lidl good quality wines can be found.

Types of wine from Biedronka

There is no doubt that Portuguese wines are the most appreciated. The vintage on the bottle is another thing to pay attention to. As a rule, wines sell relatively quickly in markets, so storing them upright is not a problem. However, there are times when shops do what is known as stock cleaning. In this case, it is necessary to note the dates on the bottles. It is better not to take a wine older than 2 years if it is fairly cheap and white. The situation is similar for sparkling, rosé and red wines. It goes without saying that it should be drunk as soon as possible cheap wine red. You also need to pay attention to how the wine is stored. Certainly the bottles must not be in full sun on shelves by the window. If you have seen something like this then it is rather pointless to take the risk. Wine should not be exposed to prolonged and such intense light. It can then lose its flavour and aroma. The fruit will become cooked and the product itself will clearly lose its freshness. It is a shame to spend money on something like this. You can look for the grape names on the bottle if you are looking for something fuller with floral aromas.

Castelaõ Vinhas Velhas

Worth recommending is the Castelaõ Vinhas Velhas red wine from the Castelaõ varietal. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that more than 50-year-old vines are used in the production process. According to popular opinion, old vines are more concentrated in flavour, but at the same time produce less fruit. Such a wine has an interesting, deep purple colour. The price is not exorbitant at all, as you have to pay a maximum of 30 zł for a bottle of wine. A beautiful aroma of fruit such as cherry, currant and blueberry deserves a mention. Everything is complemented by aromas from the barrel, i.e. vanilla and cloves, as the wine has spent more than 12 months in oak barrels. Such a wine is relatively intense and very pleasant. It has really considerable acidity, but at the same time smooth and well-placed tannin. It is safe to say that the wine deserves attention, because it is indeed good. It is worth pointing out that it will be hard to find something as balanced in this price category. All other wines with a similar label should not disappoint either. Such a wine is ideal for everyday drinking. However, Biedronka is not only about Portuguese wines, as you can also find products from other regions of the world there.

Category: dry red wine


Country of origin: Portugal

Price:PLN 17.99

wines from Biedronka

Recommended wines from Biedronka

Grey Rock Sauvignon Blanc

A real hit on the internet is Grey Rock wine Sauvignon Blanc. Numerous reviews can be found online without too much trouble, so we refer interested parties there. Especially noteworthy is the fact that a new vintage is available every year. This allows you to check for yourself how the wine has changed since the last time. What stands out above all are the green aromas, of which there are quite a few. These are mainly green peppers, asparagus, gooseberries and nettles. There are also citrus fruits, i.e. lemon, lime, as well as some lilac blossom and green apple. However, the most predominant flavour is grapefruit, which may not be to everyone's taste. This type of wine is characterised by high acidity and is light and dry. It is safe to say that it is worth spending 20 - 30 zł for such a wine.

Category: dry white wine

Country of origin: New Zealand


wines from Biedronka

Granbeau Colombard-Chardonnay Grande Reserve

The best example of a good wine under £15 is the Granbeau Colombard-Chardonnay Grande Reserve. It is a very recommended wine at Biedronka with a surprisingly low price. This white semi-dry wine comes from the Cuvee varietal is produced in France. If you are a fan of very fruity and sweet aromas this is the wine for you. At the beginning it surprises us with peach and lime notes and with every sip it gets more and more exotic until at some point the acidity enters and thanks to this the wine does not become bland. Great with salads and poultry dishes.

Category: semi-dry white wine

Country of origin: France

Price:PLN 14.99


The next suggestion in the list is a Riesling from Germany, a wine characterised by well-balanced acidity. Riesling will be ideal for people who don't quite like dry wines. It is a really great wine at an unimaginably low price.

Category: semi-dry white wine

Country of origin: Germany

Price:PLN 12.99

wines from Biedronka


The last wine on this list is a Malbec from Argentina. It is a juicy and fruity wine with added vanilla from the barrel. This may not bother you at all at first, but after a few sips the vanilla intensity may be too much for some. The price is around £15 - £20, so anyone can afford to spend that.

Category: red semi-dry wine

Country of origin: Argentina


wines from biedronka


In summary, you can safely buy good wine in the market. Of course, weaker wines can happen, but there should hardly be any reason to complain. However, this should not surprise anyone, as weaker batches can also happen in specialist shops. It is safe to say that for £20 you can buy a wine that is fit for consumption. If you search really well, you can sometimes come across a real gem. Having read this article carefully, you should now know that it is possible to buy good wine at Biedronka.

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