Prosecco - why reach for it?

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Wine has a rich history dating back thousands of years. It is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world. People have different opinions when it comes to preferred wine. Some people love red wines for dry dishes and others white wines for snacks. Still others prefer sweet spirits that go well with desserts. Since prosecco has appeared in the shops, it has become a hit with many people. What types of prosecco are there? How much does it cost? Where is the best place to buy it? These and many more questions are answered below.

What is worth knowing about prosecco?

One of the most popular types of wine is proseco, i.e. sweet, dessert alcoholic beverage, often used as an accompaniment to ice cream and other Italian desserts. Typically, prosecco is made by fermenting grapes such as those from Pinot Nero or Chardonnay. However, some producers have begun making prosecco with other grape varieties, such as ada, carnauba or freisa. Prosecco is by far the lightest version and is made under very similar conditions to red wines. In restaurants, it is usually served with light dishes such as seafood and poultry.

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There are several types of prosecco available at a popular discount store. Customers often do not know what to choose, so they look for proven information on which prosecco is the best. It is worth knowing that prosecco can be white or rosé, sparkling and table, sweet, dry or semi-dry. However, it is worth noting that even dry prosecco does not taste like dry red wine, i.e. it is not tart and heavy. On the shelves, you can also find wine with hints of fruit as well as floral notes. Prosecco from the lower end is usually screw capped, while the higher end has a cork. Prosecco does not need to be aged as other winesas it does not need to be bottle-fermented as other types of wine. Instead of undergoing fermentation, prosecco undergoes a natural carbonation process similar to how champagne is bottled. Prosecco can be bottled at around 18 per cent ABV (alcohol by volume) with a natural carbonation process that creates bubbles in the bottle rather than in the bottle itself. This process is called floration and occurs naturally during the bottling process. For this reason, prosecco has no limits - it can be enjoyed at any time of day without losing its freshness and flavour.

It's worth betting on a good wine

Because prosecco is a light, refreshing wine that can be enjoyed all year round, it is the perfect drink for parties or special occasions. It pairs well with many dishes because it is not too sweet or strong - it simply goes with any dish. This also makes it an ideal option for outdoor events, as it doesn't contain as much alcohol, but still tastes delicious with a variety of food, such as fresh fruit or starters (vegetables and meat). It is worth drinking it well chilled! Prosecco tastes best on hot days.

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