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Prosecco has gained enormous popularity among famous people and ordinary Poles. People love this beverage more than champagne, more than beer. Perfect for a party is Prosecco. What is its secret? Why do people like it so much? The answer seems simple.

Types of Prosecco

What else can you call Prosecco? It is a real sparkling delight. However, when it comes to basic facts about this drink, you need to know that it is a delicate sparkling wine. It is produced in Italy, from a special grape variety called Glera. It is essential to know that the aforementioned grape fruit is white in colour, so it is impossible for Prosecco itself to be a different colour. Sometimes on the shelves of shops you can find Prosecco pink in colour, but in this situation there was a mixing of sparkling wine and red wine. So if the drink must surely be white, what types can there be? They are differentiated by dryness. The scale ranges from strongly dry wines to dry to slightly sweet wines. Prosecco Lidl recommends, for example, for lunch and dinner, as well as with various snacks such as sushi or cheese. Even small amounts of this white drink can prove beneficial to a person's health, so it is worth trying out its properties on your body. Prosecco in appropriate doses, for example, improves circulation and has antioxidants in its composition that delay ageing.

How much does Prosecco cost?

The prices of spirits vary greatly, depending on the type of specific alcohol, how it is made, the reputation of the producer, the uniqueness of the liquor itself. When it comes to Prosecco, prices vary. Most often, you can find wine costing several dozen zlotys, but there are also wines for a dozen or so zlotys and wines for over 100 zlotys. It is worth trying different wines to form your own opinion about them. Wine is great addition to lunch or dinner, and so many opportunities arise to taste and see which Prosecco will be the best.

Best choice

There are many manuals on the art of wine-picking with a meal. However, everyone has their own individual taste, so the choice of type of wine will be a very individual matter. Some prefer white wine, some red, some rosé. However, it is worth reading the recommendations of the masters, testing the compositions they propose and only then forming an opinion. Some people are in a dilemma as to whether they should buy Prosecco or rosé for a party. champagne. Today, Prosecco seems to be a better choice, due to the popularity of this drink. Young people in particular love this sparkling drink, it makes them feel better, to follow trends. This is very important at a certain age. A less skilled gourmet is unlikely to be able to tell the difference between Champagne and Prosecco, especially if he or she has not had much opportunity to test both drinks so far. Is it a shame not to know what Prosecco is? Not necessarily, but such knowledge can certainly come in handy.

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