Pinot Grigio wine - what is worth knowing about it?

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The Pinot Grigio wine variety originates in Italy from the Alsace region. It is also good to add that this wine variety is very popular and is distinguished by its taste, which is slightly refreshing and dry at the same time. It is therefore worth finding out what dishes it can be served with and where to buy it.

Pinot Grigio - what kind of wine is it?

It is good to add that the strain for this wine is grown in France, Italy and Austria or Hungary. The skin colour of the fruit of this strain is grey-pink. It is therefore possible to find a variety of rosé wine, although white wine is most commonly available. It should also be noted that Pinot Grigio wine tastes different depending on where in the world it was produced, as this depends primarily on the recipe and the climatic conditions the grape had during cultivation.

What dishes should Pinot Grigio wine be served with?

This wine goes well with:

- seafood,
- shrimps,
- grilled dishes,
- squid,
- salads,
- pizzas,
- risotto,
- white meats,
- cheeses,
- pasta.

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It is also good to add that this kind of wine It also goes well with various desserts. What's more, this wine will also go fantastically well with Thai and Chinese or Japanese cuisine. It can also be served with tartare or veal without any problems.

What does the wine taste like?

During wine tasting floral notes or fruity aromas of apples and citrus can be perceived. Delicate spicy aromas can be perceived in this wine, as well as honey and almond notes. This is what makes this wine so unique and has spread throughout Europe.

Where can you buy wine of this variety?

This type of wine is now available not only at the winery, but also in various shops that have the capacity to sell spirits. It is also good to mention that Pinot Grigio wine is available in stationary shops as well as online, such as Lidl. It is offered at a great price, as you can get it for around twenty zloty, depending on the variant you choose. This wine is poured into tasteful bottles, which are 750 millilitres.

Can this wine also be served with breakfast?

It all depends on the meal prepared for the morning feast. You can pour a glass of wine with your breakfast for a boost, or you can pour a glass of wine for a tasting. It is worth remembering that this wine can be an excellent accompanimentwhen, for example, a cheese and charcuterie board is served for breakfast. Importantly, this wine should only be drunk by adults who do not have any contraindications, as it contains ingredients that can harm young people.

What else is worth knowing about this wine?

Pinot Grigio wine has as much as twelve per cent alcohol contained in it, which is why, on a scale of up to five, it ranks second in terms of intensity. Mostly, too, the vintage of production is indicated on the label of each bottle. Among others in the Lidl shop, this wine is from 2020 and comes from Veneto, Italy. However, it is important to bear in mind that each bottle can be filled at a different time, especially when buying wine in different places, so it is good to check the vintages when this is of great importance for the taste of the wine. It is also important to store the wine at room temperature before opening. Opened wine is good to chill in the fridge. It is also good to pay attention to whether the wine is corked or cap-opened. When the cork is removed, it is a good idea to drink the wine in quick succession, as it can then air out quite quickly without a proper closure. On the other hand, screw caps are so practical that they can be used several times and so the wine can be stored freely in the fridge even after opening.

Is Pinot Grigio wine suitable as a gift?

It is good to mention that this kind of wine is a great and practical gift, especially for connoisseurs of dry wine. It is also worth mentioning that this wine is available in an elegant bottle, making it no problem to give it without unnecessary gift bags. The older the wine, the better, so it is a good idea to give as a gift a wine that is at least two years old, so that the taste will be more intense.

This wine is an irreplaceable part of the various family celebrationsas it goes well with food. Importantly, this wine also goes well with hot summer evenings, as it is fantastically refreshing. It is good to remember to serve the wine in appropriate glasses, so that you can enjoy it for longer and at the same time not spoil the decoration of the tableware.

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