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How do you make wine at home?

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The winemaking process is quite complicated, but this fact does not stop some members of the public from making the drink themselves at home. How do you make wine at home?

Buy from a shop or make from scratch?

Every day, Poles are faced with a dilemma: buy in a shop or order a ready-made product or make it themselves at home? These dilemmas particularly concern the catering industry, food. Home-made food tastes better, and there is a reason why it is said that mother's and grandmother's cooking is the best. However, cooking it yourself takes time. The same goes for wine. You can, of course, buy cheap wine even in the supermarket, but will it taste good enough to delight the taste buds of those tasting it? One can be very doubtful about this. This is why many people choose to making your own wine at home. Admittedly, this is not an easy process and requires knowledge and skill, but the taste of the wine makes up for all the difficulties. Learning from other people's mistakes is the best solution. The experiences of others can be found, for example, on the web.

Step by step

How do you go through the winemaking process step by step to make the taste of this drink unique? It is worth checking that all the necessary accessories are in place. Wine yeast, noble yeast, will be useful. A squirt bottle will also be useful. It is a vessel used for fermentation. A hose and a wine meter will also be necessary. No wine without bottlesAfter all, the beverage has to be poured somewhere and store sth.. It is also necessary to bottle stoppers. The list of items needed may vary depending on the preferences of the person who undertakes this task. The whole process starts with the preparation of must, that is, freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice. Then comes the fermentation, turbulent and silent. The next stage is the clarification of the wine. Finally, the wine has to be poured into bottles and these bottles have to be closed, and the wine has to age for a suitable period of time.

Winery tour

Anyone interested in wine production should visit one of the vineyardsthat are found in Poland. For example, in Sandomierz, there is the St. Jacob's Vineyard run by the Dominican friars. It is best to sign up well in advance for a guided tour, which will reveal the secrets of the work. Also abroad, there are many interesting vineyardswhich are available for the general public to visit. The winemaking process cannot be learned in a few minutes by reading one article on the internet. Learning is done by trial and error. Many people who have taken an interest in wine making have found their passion in it. There are even postgraduate courses for wine lovers! In such studies, you can learn about the entire process from start to finish, including the theoretical side. Wine is a noble beverage, but it is also possible to become addicted to this type of alcohol, so you should be very careful. Everyone has their own favourite winered, white or pink.

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