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There is a plethora of liquor to choose from, and they differ in many ways. Good quality wine is considered to have high health-promoting qualities. Of course, as always, it is necessary to exercise moderation and drink alcohol in small quantities. If you are looking for a product with an unusual taste, you should be interested in chablis wine. It is considered to be one of the the best wines Burgundy. It is not without reason that Burgundy is said to be a highly regarded wine region. It is divided into many sub-regions, including chablis, which produces the wine of the same name.

Where did chablis wine come from?

Chablis is a region in Burgundy located in the northern part of the country. It is known for producing exclusively white wines. These are made entirely from a particular varietal, chardonnay. Viticulture in the Chablis region is not easy due to the climatic conditions. Unfortunately, there are frosts in spring, which not infrequently lead to a disruption of the vegetative processes of the plants. There is a risk of a poor harvest. It therefore becomes necessary to provide the vines with optimum growing conditions, a constant temperature.

The plants are heated, some even pour water over the buds which, once frozen, provides a barrier against the effects of frost. Chablis was first mentioned as early as the 13th century. In the first half of the 20th century, white chablis wine was given the status of a controlled origin product. This was to protect the designation and guarantee products of the highest quality. In most cases, chablis wines are produced in stainless steel tanks. To a lesser extent, oak barrels are used. This is heavily influenced by the specific region. In some parts of Burgundy, barrel ageing is common.

What are the characteristics of chablis wines?

Chablis wines are expensive for a reason. A good quality beverage costs up to half a thousand zlotys. However, this should not surprise anyone, as you are paying for one of the the best wines Burgundy. Chablis is a very distinctive drink. It has a sharp and high acidity. You can clearly sense the freshness, the citrus notes. Chablis wines are white, dry or very dry wines. At taste qualities is influenced by the composition of the soil on which the vines grow. It contains a lot of limestone, which translates into minerality and sharpness. There is a lot of aluminium, fossilised shells in the soil. This of course translates into a high minerality of the soil, which can be clearly felt.

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However, it is worth noting that the chablis wine does not have an intense fruity bouquet. Accents of apple, citrus and mint dominate. As the wine ages, the pale yellow wine with green highlights takes on a golden colour. The chablis wine is light in colour. For connoisseurs, it is a very well-structured, mineral beverage. The specific taste qualities are due to the cultivation of vines in cooler areas. Chablis wine is ideal for pairing with seafood. It is worth serving with fish dishes, with prawns, lobsters, oysters. It is also great with fresh cheeses. Chablis wine will be a great option with salads and a variety of vegetable dishes.

What is worth knowing about chablis wines?

There are four basic quality levels for chablis wine. It is useful to know the classification, because it allows you to quickly see exactly where the wine comes from and what its taste qualities are.

Petit Chablis

Petit chablis is very popular. It is a fresh, fruity and floral wine. The vines are grown on limestone soil rich in sandy silt. The vineyards are located relatively low above sea level. Petit chablis is characterised mainly by notes of lemon, grapefruit. Acacia can also be clearly sensed. If one decides to purchase of this type of alcoholthen he should choose a relatively young beverage, up to three years after bottling. Chablis wines are considered to be more complex. There is a predominance of fruity notes. Minerality is also evident. Chablis tastes best when it is aged between 3 and 5 years. It is a wine in which one can sense lime, lemon, mint, apple, pear and liquorice.

chablis wines
Petit Chablis

Chablis Premier Cru

Another option would be a chablis premier cru. This is a great option for those looking for a rich alcohol with a more pronounced flavour. In order to bring it out, it will be important to wait a while after pouring into the glass. Depending on the region, the taste qualities of chablis premier cru are different. Those produced in the traditional way have hints of apple, citrus, pear, apricot and melon. Barrel-aged wines, on the other hand, are characterised by a creamy texture. One can speak of a buttery taste, the addition of spices. Chablis premier cru wines taste great both as a vintage and several years after bottling. They are characterised by high acidity and minerality. There is also chablis grand cru, a wine of high concentration. You can clearly feel the acidity and minerality and the ripe fruit. There are notes of apple, pineapple, honey, apricot, peach, lilac, acacia. Chablis grand cru tastes best after at least a dozen years.

Chablis Premier Cru

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