Fresco wine - perfect as an aperitif! How does it taste?

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Poland does not have a strong tradition of drinking wine, although sales of this delicious beverage have increased significantly in recent times. More and more people are reaching for red, white or rosé wines, which taste great when paired with delicious dinner dishes and can also be drunk at various parties and celebrations. The wine is delicate and at the same time you can taste many flavoursome notes that delight and tickle the palate. Among the popular and popular wines is Fresco. Where does it come from? Where can you buy it and how much do you have to pay for a bottle?

Fresco - wine produced in Poland

Most people have probably come across Fresco wine in a shop, as it is available in hypermarkets, discount shops and shops specialising in spirits from all over the world. There is a lot of talk about how the best wines are from Spain, Bulgaria or France, but delicious wines are also produced in Poland and Fresco is one of them. It is a table wine that gained popularity some time ago due to an incident. To this day, it is not known whether this was an accident or perhaps a deliberate marketing ploy. What is certain is that since then Fresco wine has become well-known throughout the country. What happened then? In the discount store Biedronka, a bottle of wine cost 1.99 instead of 10.99. As soon as customers noticed this price, they rushed to buy Fresco en masse.

What does Fresco wine taste like?

The producer of Fresco wine reports that the wine is one of the table wines that enjoy a large interest among gourmets of this drink. Different variants are available. You can choose a semi-dry white or red wine. There are also three semi-sweet wines, including white, red and rosé. There is also a sweet red wine for those who like intense flavours. For those who like bubbles, there are sparkling wine suggestions. There are three sparkling Fresco Frizzante wines, which are white, red and rosé. There are also two sparkling fruit wines available, Fresco Frizzante Fragola and Mango & Pesca. Fresco wine is a composition of wine made from grape juice with a mild and balanced taste. The milder wines are, of course, the white wines. Particularly aromatic are the rosé wines, in which fruity notes are perceptible. In order to fully extract the flavours, it is recommended to cool the wine to 15 degrees.

What is Fresco wine worth drinking with?

As Fresco wines are available in a range of versions, they can be drunk with a variety of meals. They taste great As an aperitif with white meat dishes and cured meats. Rosé wine is a versatile drink and can be served with dinner or dessert. It has a delicate flavour and aroma that can be enjoyed at parties or when meeting friends. Fresco wine is not only suitable as an aperitif, but is also great for all kinds of parties, birthdays or celebrations. It is perfect for ladies who prefer to drink wine around a campfire or barbecue instead of beer. Such wine is also an excellent choice for wedding receptions for people who want to drink something delicate yet tasty.

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How much does Fresco wine cost?

Many people choose Fresco wine not only for its taste but also for its price. The producer, wanting to meet customer expectations and wanting to compete with foreign brands, has created a wine that is quite cheap. It can be bought at really attractive prices, and if you hit a promotion, sometimes a bottle costs less than 10 zlotys. The price of Fresco wine in Biedronka is less than 12 PLN. In Rossman, the price is slightly higher, a in Lidl costs similar. As you can see, the price range is very attractive and it is definitely worth it try this wineif you haven't already had the opportunity.

Delicious drinks with Fresco wine

Fresco wine can be the perfect accompaniment to many tasty drinks. During the winter season, choose a sweet or semi-sweet red or rosé wine and make a spiced mulled wine. Be sure not to boil the wine. Cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, honey and lemon can be added. Semi-sweet wine will also make an excellent ingredient for a mohito drink with lime or an orange mimosa. Sparkling wine can be mixed with currant syrup. Everyone should also enjoy a drink with Pink Rose grapefruit juice. To half a glass of grapefruit juice, add a few mint leaves, raspberry syrup, a glass of vodka and pink sparkling wine.

Why choose Fresco wine?

Although wine drinking is becoming increasingly popular, many people do not know what to look for when buying wine. The most common determinant is the price, although this is not always adequate for the taste or aroma. Fresco wine is one of the cheaper options, and provides an excellent taste experience. There are different flavours and variants to choose from, so everyone can find the perfect wine for themselves. For those who appreciate softer flavours, semi-dry or semi-sweet white wine is recommended. Ladies definitely prefer pink semi-sweet and sweet wines. Sparkling wine is perfect for a variety of occasions. It tastes delicious and can successfully replace champagne. Fresco wine is a good choice for any occasion.

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