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Every glass counts - what types of wine glasses are there and how do you use them?

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Many people do not even realise that with wine glasses you can influence the taste and aroma of the wine. As you can see, they do not only determine the aesthetic qualities. Even if one has good quality winebut serves it in an unskilful way, it will not have the desired effect. The alcohol should of course be matched to the menu, i.e. the type of food served. Everything has to form a coherent whole. This becomes particularly important during a celebratory meal. 

What will be the right glass for wine? What should guide your purchase?

It might seem that the choice of wine glasses is a matter of individual preference. However, it turns out that in practice it looks a little different. Different types of wine suit a particular type of glass. You only have to go into a shop to see how many options there are to choose from. You can choose from a wide range of glass shapes. Even the colour of the glass matters. For the colour of alcohol, a clear glass is of course best. However, if someone wants to serve liquor in an unconventional glass, it is worth choosing crystal glasses or glasses with rich cut decorations. 

If you prefer minimalism and appreciate simplicity, you can opt for elegant glasses. A stemmed glass also works well. However, care should be taken to ensure that they are comfortable to hold in the hand. It's also a good idea to have a dish for serving of wine. A decanter is ideal for this. The taste of the alcohol is strongly influenced by its proper aeration before serving. For this reason, the best solution is pouring wine from a bottle to a decanter. Nowadays, various sets are available in shops. These are made up of various wine vessels and accessories. 

Which wine glasses to choose?

When it comes to red wine, the tulip-shaped glasses work well. It is a classic that is ideally suited. The large bowl tapering at the top provides plenty of surface area for the aromas from the wine to be released. The wine becomes softer under the influence of air. You can count on an increase in flavour. It is also worth bearing in mind that large glasses are best for older wines. White wine, on the other hand, should be served in smaller glasses. This is due to its more delicate aroma. The contact of the wine with the air should therefore be limited. The question arises as to what the ideal glass will be. A good choice is a tall, slender glass with a narrow bowl. With such a glass, it becomes possible to retain the aroma in the wine for a longer period of time. 

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A glass with a long leg to ensure a comfortable hold will be best. This also has the advantage of allowing you to enjoy the chilled alcohol for a longer period of time. Another issue is the choice of glasses for sparkling wine and champagne. In the past, it was inconceivable to serve champagne in anything other than a goblet with a wide and flat bowl. It had to have an obligatory high leg. However, this is not a very good solution, despite the fact that such a vessel looks very impressive. The downside, however, is that the aroma of the wine quickly evaporates. The bubbles also disappear at a rapid rate. A glass with a narrow bowl is definitely a better choice. The glass should have long and straight walls. In this way, the sparkling wine will retain its precious qualities for a longer period of time. 

What is important to know when choosing glasses for alcohol? What is of particular importance? 

Two sub-types can be encountered when selecting red wine glasses. On sale are glasses of the burgundy type, i.e. with a bowl resembling the shape of a pear. Characteristic of this type of glass is also the fact that the edges widen upwards to a small degree. Another solution is the bordeaux glass. They are characterised by a bulbous and high bowl. In turn, the edges taper increasingly upwards. When choosing a wine glass, the design of the stem should always be taken into account. The length of the stem should be of particular interest as it determines the comfort of holding the glass in the hand. If the leg is high enough, there is no need to touch the bowl. It might seem that this is of little importance. In practice, however, it is something important. 

Contact between the glass and a warm hand causes the alcohol to change its temperature. As you know, it should be just right to enjoy the desired taste. The temperature changes it. However, this can be avoided in the case of wine glasses with a long leg. Another consideration will be the capacity of the glass. It has to be large enough so that there is no problem stirring the alcohol freely without fear of spilling. Wine connoisseurs know all too well the importance of doing this. It is during blending that the beautiful aroma of the wine is released. The sense of smell can therefore be enjoyed with unique aromas. The question of aesthetics is also important. Glasses should be properly matched so that everything on the table matches. 

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