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We invite you to get to know the Turnau Vineyard, a unique place where passion and tradition combine to create unforgettable wines. As a renowned wine producer, Turnau Vineyard offers a wide range of selected wines that will satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs. Discover with us the richness of flavours and aromas hidden in every bottle of our wine.

During my recent visit to the heart of polish wine tradition, I discovered an extraordinary place that passionately combines modernity with heritage - the Turnau Vineyard. It is here, in picturesque Baniewice, that wines are born that delight with their depth and character, from classic Solaris to elegant Riesling. The Turnau vineyard, known for producing exceptional ice wine and a noble harvest, is where flagship varieties such as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay reach their apogee. In this article, I will introduce you to the secrets of this unique winery, which is constantly seeking harmony between tradition and innovation with the introduction of exciting new variants - Solaris and Seyval Blanc - in 2024. Turnau vineyard is not only a wine producer, but above all a story about the love of winemaking, which translates into the unparalleled quality and taste of wine from Poland.

Discover the secrets of the Turnau Vineyard in Baniewice: From Solaris to Riesling

During exploration Turnau vineyard in Baniewice, one is immediately struck by the unusual combination of modernity and tradition. It is here, in the heart of Polish winemaking, created a modern winery, which successfully innovates without forgetting its roots. The use of advanced technology combined with traditional methods of cultivating strains such as Solaris, Riesling and Johanniter, allows for precise control of all wine parameters. As a result, each bottle hides not only the taste but also the history of a place that is passionate about winemaking.

Tour of the winery and tasting of 4 wines is a unique opportunity to discover the secrets of winemaking, from the initial harvest stage to the final bottling process. The Turnau winery, thanks to renovation of a 19th century farm building and support from renowned wine maker from the Rhineland, has evolved into a place where tradition meets modernity. With its own laboratory, the winery boasts a precise control of wine quality, which, combined with a love of winemaking and support among more experienced winemakers, allows the creation of exceptional wines such as ice wine from frozen winter or polish sparkling winewhich are gaining worldwide recognition.

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Turnau vineyard: championing ice wine and fine harvesting

Specialisation Turnau vineyard in production ice wine and noble harvest is the foundation of its reputation on the Polish wine market. Thanks to its unique production methods, which make use of the fruity richness of winter-frozen fruit, this vineyard has gained recognition not only among connoisseurs in Poland, but also internationally. Turnau in Baniewice, thanks to the cooperation with renowned Rhineland wine maker, innovates while maintaining respect for tradition. Modern winery with its own processing plant and own laboratory allow precise quality control of the wines produced, which, combined with experience and passion, translates into unparalleled quality. Winery tour offers a unique opportunity to discover the secrets of the production of these exceptional wines, which are planted mainly with strains of Solaris and Johanniter, further strengthening the position of Turnau vineyard as a leader in Polish wine production.

Pinot noir and chardonnay: Flagship varieties of the Turnau winery

The adventure of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay w Turnau vineyard begins when the winery was founded, with the intention of creating a modern winery that could compete in the global wine market. These two varieties, considered flagship varieties for the winery, are a symbol of the high quality and dedication that the Turnau vineyard puts into every aspect of his business. From the plantings, to the careful renovation of the 19th century farmhouse, to the support among more experienced winemakers, every step is thought through to ensure the best conditions for these noble varietals. Winery tour and wineries offers a unique opportunity to see how passion and tradition give way to modernity and how the cultivation of cereals and rape gives way to vines Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, which are planted mainly in the heart of the vineyard, underlining its prestige and commitment to producing top-class wines.

News 2024: Solaris and Seyval Blanc at Turnau Winery in Baniewice

The year 2024 brings exciting new developments in Turnau vineyard in Baniewice, with an emphasis on two particular strains: Solaris and Seyval Blanc. These new plantings are the result of an ongoing effort to creating a modern vineyardwhich at the same time draws on a wealth of tradition and experience. Solaris 2024 i Seyval Blanc is a reflection of the winery's commitment to exploring new possibilities and flavours, made possible by the support among more experienced winemakers and inviting renowned wine makers from the Rhineland to work together. These new varieties, planted mainly in renovated parts of the vineyard, represent another step in its development and underline its status as an innovation leader in Polish winemaking.

Winery tour in 2024 offers a unique opportunity to discover these new plantings, where the Solaris and Seyval Blanc present themselves as fresh, innovative additions to the Turnau Vineyard portfolio. Thanks to renovation of a 19th century building, which now serves as a state-of-the-art tasting and educational space, visitors can get an up-close look at the wine-making process, from planting to bottling. This is an invitation to engage with the winery, allowing visitors to experience first-hand the passion and commitment that Turnau Vineyard puts into the production of each bottle of wine, making it one of the most innovative producers in Poland.

Turnau winery: combining tradition and modernity in winemaking

Transformation Turnau vineyard in Baniewice into a leading wine producer was made possible by a bold combination of tradition and modernity. This initiative, born from the a return to family traditions and desires creating a modern vineyardhas gained a solid foundation through support among more experienced winemakers and cooperation with renowned Rhineland wine maker. Thanks to planting and renovation of a 19th century building, the winery has gained not only a modern production and tasting space, but also a an in-house laboratory for precise control wine quality. Tour of the vineyard and tasting of 4 wines enable visitors to experience first-hand this unique connection that has allowed the creation of a modern winery with its own processing plantwhile nurturing strains such as Solaris and Johanniterwhich are mainly planted with at the heart of the vineyard. This synergy of tradition and innovation is the key to the success of Turnau Vineyard, making it one of the most recognisable wine producers in Poland.

History and heritage: The family roots of the Turnau winery

History Turnau vineyard is as rich and varied as the flavours of its wines. Founded by Zbigniew Turnau, a well-known wine aficionado and pioneer of modern winemaking in Poland, the winery has inherited passion and tradition from many generations of the Turnau family. Zbigniew, together with his son Jacek and cousin Stanislaw Turnau, decided to combine their strengths and knowledge to create something unique. In the 1990s, the Baniewicwhere the Turnau family owned a large farm, they decided to convert cereal and rape crops into green vineyards. They were inspired by Frank Faust, a renowned wine maker from the Rhineland, who accepted the invitation to collaborate, bringing with him a wealth of experience and modern winemaking technology.

The Turnau vineyard consists of two parcels of land that geographically and professionally combine tradition and modernity. In these lands, where history is intertwined with modern cultivation methods, Turnau vineyard proudly presents its flagship strains: Solaris, Johanniter, Rieslingas well as experimental varieties such as Regent and Cabernet. Every stage of production, from planting to bottling, is carefully controlled in the the vineyard's own laboratorywhich allows each bottle of wine to be fine-tuned. Thanks to the combination of family tradition and modern technologies, the Turnau Vineyard in Baniewice has become a symbol of Polish winemaking, encouraging visitors to visit the vineyard and taste selected wines, offering not only a taste but also a part of its history.


What are the main grape varieties grown at the Turnau Vineyard?

A variety of grape varieties are grown at the Turnau Vineyard, which includes both classic varietals such as Pinot Noir i Chardonnayas well as newer, frost-tolerant varieties such as SolarisSeyval BlancRieslingHibernalJohanniterRoundabout and Regent. These diverse strains allow the production of a wide range of winesfrom white to pink to red, including specialities such as ice wine i noble harvest.

What distinguishes the Turnau vineyard from other Polish vineyards?

The Turnau winery stands out from other Polish vineyards thanks to its unique combination of tradition and modernity. Established by Zbigniew Turnau and supported by experience Frank Faust, a well-known wine maker from Rhineland, the winery focuses on innovative winemaking methods while drawing on its rich history and family traditions. Owned by own laboratory, the winery can precisely control every stage of production, which translates into the exceptional quality and taste of the wines on offer.

What innovations has Turnau Vineyard introduced in 2024?

In 2024, Turnau Vineyard has introduced exciting new products, including varietals Solaris 2024 i Seyval Blanc, which are the result of a constant drive to innovate and expand the wine range. These new grape varieties have been carefully selected to enhance the winery's portfolio with wines with a fresh, modern character, while maintaining the high quality and unique flavour profile for which Turnau Vineyard is known.

What kind of experience does Turnau Vineyard offer its visitors?

The Turnau Vineyard offers its guests a range of unique experiences to gain a deeper understanding of the winemaking process. Guests can take advantage of vineyard tours and wine barduring which they have the opportunity to see how grapes are grown and wine produced. In addition, the winery organises tastingsselected wines, which is an excellent opportunity to discover the wealth of flavours and aromas offered by the Turnau Vineyard. For those interested in learning about winemaking in more detail, workshops and meetings with oenologists are also available.

What are Turnau Vineyard's development plans for the future?

Turnau Vineyard is constantly striving to develop and improve its offerings. Future plans include further expansion of the wine range by experimenting with new grape varieties and introducing innovative production methods. In addition, the winery plans to expand its educational activities by offering even more workshops and meetings with experts, with the aim of promoting wine culture in Poland. The Turnau winery also intends to increase its presence on international markets, exporting its wines to more countries.

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