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Discover the Lidl Vineyard: Unique wine and alcohol offer

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Explore our exclusive offer at Lidl Vineyard, where you will find a wide selection of wines and spirits to suit every taste and occasion. Discover with us a world of unique flavours and aromas that will make every moment unforgettable. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy quality wine and spirits at attractive prices, available only at Lidl.

Remember the story of the wine lover who visited the Lidl Vineyard and discovered there not only a wealth of flavours and aromas, but also a sense of community with other wine enthusiasts. This story perfectly reflects the spirit of our offer - in the Lidl Vineyard everyone, regardless of their experience and preferences, will find something for themselves, from exclusive wines to selected spirits. Our range is carefully selected to provide an unforgettable taste experience and make every occasion special. We invite you to discover how to use a discount code, find your favourite whiskies or keep up to date with the latest offers to make your wine and spirits experience even more rewarding. Discover with us what's new in the range and indulge in a little luxury in your everyday life with Lidl Vineyard's exclusive offers.

Discover the Lidl vineyard: A unique wine for every customer

Exploring Lidl vineyard, each customer has a unique opportunity to discoveries exceptional winethat perfectly suits his or her individual preferences. Our offer is structured to meet the needs of both connoisseurs and people who are just beginning their adventure with wine. Thanks to a carefully selected assortment, Lidl vineyard becomes a place where any customer finds the alcoholic product of your choice, whatever the occasion. From exclusive, carefully aged wines to lighter ones ideal for everyday occasions, every bottle is a testament to our commitment to providing unique experiences. We encourage you to visit our shopwhere buying the wine of your choice becomes easy and enjoyable and the wealth of offerings inspires you to explore and discover new flavours.

How do I use a discount code at Lidl for selected products?

Shopping in Lidl shop can become even more rewarding when you use the discount code on selected products. To take advantage of this opportunity, first check the current promotions available on Lidl's website or mobile app. Discount codes are often offered as part of special promotions, so it's always worth keeping up to date with the latest offers. Once you have found a promotion that interests you, simply add reserved products to your shopping basket and then, during the completion of your order, enter reservation number in the appropriate field. Remember that discount codes have a limited validity period, so using them before they expire is key.


Redeem your purchases with the discount code at Lidl stationary shop is also possible. In this case, once a booking has been made by Internet and receiving confirmation that products are ready for collection, go to the shop of your choice. At the checkout, simply present your booking number and the discount will automatically be applied to your purchase. It is important to remember to take your booking confirmation with you, which may be required by the shop staff. This process makes shopping at Lidl not only convenient but also more economical, which is especially important for larger purchases or special occasions. Remember that discount codes are an important tool to save money, so it is worth regularly check out current promotions and plan your purchases in advance to make the most of the offers available.

Groceries and spirits on offer at Lidl: Find your favourite whisky

Search your favourite whisky on offer at Lidl is a real adventure for connoisseurs and lovers of this noble drink. Foodstuffs and spirits available in Lidl are characterised by their high quality and variety, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Check out current promotions, to find the cheapest yet unique selection of whiskies to enhance your collection. Rememberthat the offer is volatile and the best bargains appear unexpectedly, so be sure to book selected products so you don't miss out on limited editions. Online booking is a simple process that allows you to secure your purchase without having to leave home, and collection on your chosen working day makes planning even easier. With this, order Your favourite whisky can be prioritised, whether you are looking for classics from the Bordeaux region or limited editions from small distilleries. Information about availability and prices is always up to date, making Lidl the exclusive place where every whisky lover can find something for themselves.

User guide: How do I keep up to date with Lidl's latest offers?

To rest assuredthat you don't miss out on any attractive offers, the key is to visit regularly Lidl's website and the use of the mobile app. These platforms are updated on a regular basis, which means you will find the latest information about promotions and news. Check out current promotions every day so you don't miss a single opportunity. This way, you will always know when is the best time to shop, planning your shopping according to the latest offers and available discounts. Remember, that some promotions are time-limited or only available on certain working days, which makes checking the offers on a daily basis particularly important.

Subscribing to newsletter Lidl is another effective way to receive information about promotions directly to your e-mail. Subscribing to the newsletter allows you to receive personalised articles and offers that are tailored to your interests and shopping preferences. As a result, each user can keep up to date with projects i development offers, without wasting time looking for information in other sources. Booking promotional products online is an added convenience, allowing you to schedule a pick-up on the most convenient day, which is particularly useful in the case of limited availability of certain offers.

This product from Lidl that you must have: What's new in the range?

Exploring the latest trends in the world of wine and spirits is a passion we share with our customers. In Lidl's assortment new products are regularly added that deserve special attention. Check out current promotions and discover what new we have prepared for you. Among the novelties you will find both local gems and international hits that have been selected with the most demanding connoisseurs in mind. Each new item in our range is a response to the needs and expectations of our customers, who are looking not only for high quality but also for originality and freshness in the world of wine.

Rememberto visit our website regularly and check the current promotionsas quantities may be limited in the case of some novelties. For anyone looking for something special to add to their collection, whether for a special occasion or for everyday enjoyment, Lidla offers products that you must have. Whether you are a lover of red wines, white wines, rosé wines or are looking for exclusive spirits, our range is constantly updated to offer you only the best and most desirable by connoisseurs from all over the world.

Booking your favourite wine and whisky: How does it work?

Wine reservation and whisky in Lidl vineyard is a convenient way to ensure you have access to your favourite drinks without having to leave the house. With this option, you can book products online and pick them up at your chosen Lidl shop at your convenience working day. The booking process is simple and intuitive - just visit Lidl's website or use the mobile app, select the products you are interested in and then decide to make a booking. Rememberto check current promotions, which can include selected wines and whiskies to make your purchases even more affordable.

Lidl's online booking system is not only a convenience, but also a way to ensure you have access to limited editions and special offers that are only available for a short time. Thanks to the booking option, each person has the chance to purchase exceptional spirits that may be available in limited quantities. Whether you are a lover of wines from the region Bordeauxwhether you're looking for a unique whisky, Lidl's booking system combines convenience with the opportunity to discover and explore the wealth of flavours on offer from the Lidl vineyard.


How do I book a wine or whisky at Lidl Vineyard?

To book a wine or whisky at Lidl Vineyard, simply visit Lidl's website or use the mobile app. You need to select the products you are interested in and then decide to book. You can book the products online and pick them up at your chosen Lidl shop on a convenient weekday. Remember to check out current promotions, which may include selected wines and whiskies, to make your shopping experience even more affordable.

Can I use a discount code when booking online at Lidl Vineyard?

Yes, discount codes can be used when booking products from Lidl Vineyard online. To use a discount code, enter it in the appropriate field during the booking process on Lidl's website or mobile app. Please note that discount codes have a limited validity period and may apply to selected products, so it is always worth checking current promotions and offer terms.

How long can I keep the reserved products in the Lidl shop?

Reserved products can be kept in the selected Lidl shop for a limited period of time, which is usually 7 working days from the time of booking. This is enough time to allow customers to collect their purchases at their convenience. Remember to check the exact terms and conditions for the storage time of the reserved products, as these may vary from shop to shop.

Can I find information about new products on offer from Lidl Vineyard?

Yes, the latest information about the Lidl Vineyard offer, including news and current promotions, is regularly published on Lidl's website and mobile app. Customers can also sign up to Lidl's newsletter to receive up-to-date information directly to their email address. This allows users to keep up to date with the latest trends and offers that may be of interest to them.

How can I check the availability of my chosen wine or whisky at my local Lidl shop?

To check availability of the wine selected or whisky at your local Lidl shop, your best bet is to visit Lidl's website or use the mobile app. The product finder allows you to see if the product you are interested in is available in your nearest shop. You can also contact the shop directly for information on current stock. Remember that product availability can vary depending on location and demand, so it is worth checking regularly for current promotions and offers.

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