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Over the years, lovers of alcohol come to know their favourite flavours and appreciate different types of liquor. Therefore, it is worth reaching for items hitherto unknown and broadening one's horizons. When trying various wines, vodkas or cognacs, we should not forget about a brand that is quite popular in Poland, namely Cin Cin. What is this brand, what alcohols can be purchased, and what should they be combined with? 

What is Cin Cin?

It may come as quite a surprise to many people, but Cin Cin is a Polish sparkling wine brand that belongs to the Ambra company. This company, founded in 1990, has many popular alcoholic beverages in its portfolio. Dorato or El Sol, for example, should be mentioned here, but also Cider Lubelski or Piccolo, which is very popular with children, should be mentioned here. 

A wide variety of alcoholic beverages are offered under the Cin Cin brand. Of course, the most popular are sparkling wines such as: 

- Prosecco, 

VineyardLidl VineyardLidl

- Rosso, 

- Bianco Semi Dolce, 

- Secco Azzurro. 

In addition to this, Cin Cin also includes vermouths and table wines. Depending on which specific product you are dealing with, it can come in a variety of flavours. The most interesting ones certainly include: 

- Fresh Bitter Orange, 

- Lemoncini, 

- Fresh Pomegranate. 

So, as you can see, Cin Cin comes in a huge number of versions and variations, so there is literally something to suit everyone. The only question worth asking now is how strong these drinks are. 

How much alcohol does Cin Cin have?

Very often, lovers of alcoholic beverages pay attention not only to the taste itself, but also to how much alcohol they have in them. This is particularly important for people who drive. So what does this look like for Cin Cin? Does after drinking a glass of such wine, can you, for example, get behind the wheel, or would this be highly inadvisable due to too much alcohol?

As you can easily guess, the strength of a drink from under the Cin Cin brand is a direct result of which product you are dealing with. However, it is generally assumed to have an alcohol strength between 14 and 18%. It is therefore a product that makes it rather impossible to drive after drinking even one glass. 

So does this mean that, when drinking Cin Cin, one does not have the option of driving home by car? As it turns out, a new product has been developed especially for motorists, namely Cin Cin Free. It is a sparkling wine that does not contain alcohol, so it is ideal for those people who have to return to their usual duties after a toast or who want to enjoy the delicious taste of wine and get in the car after the party and drive home safely.

How is it possible to produce non-alcoholic wine sparkling? For this, a modern dealcoholisation process is used, which removes the alcohol from the wine, but at the same time leaves in the wine everything we value it most, namely the fullness of aroma and richness of flavour.

How should this alcohol be drunk?

Another thing to find out about this alcohol is how it should be drunk. Are there any specific ways or possibilities of juxtaposing with other produtcs to maximise the richness of flavour and aroma? 

Information on how to drink Cin Cin is best gained by example the most popular wine from under this brand, namely Cin Cin Bianco. For, as it turns out, it is a truly versatile spirit that can be combined with many different products. By far the most common way to serve it is strongly chilled, and preferably with ice. If 14% is not enough for us, we can easily fortify the wine by adding vodka, rum or tequila.

What, on the other hand, is the question of fruit additives? Straightforward sensational wine this is combined with various types of citrus, i.e. orange, grapefruit and even lemon, for example. In addition, blueberries, blackberries and also raspberries can be added. These fruits are particularly recommended not only for their taste, but also for their visual qualities. The wine will simply look nice with them.

The second very popular type of Cin Cin is Lemoncini. In this case, it is recommended to combine it with herbs such as mint, rosemary or basil, as well as with citrus, i.e. orange or lemon, for example, as well as lime.

Where can you buy Cin Cin and how much does it cost?

So, as you can see, Cin Cin is a really interesting spirit that tastes great and can be combined with many different products and additives. No wonder, then, that many people wonder where such a wine can be bought, and also how much it costs. Is it a big expense?

The main goal of the Cin Cin wine producer was to make it an affordable and easily accessible product for every Pole. This has been achieved because a variety of Cin Cin brand products can be found in virtually every grocery or liquor shop. As far as the price is concerned, it is usually around 30 zlotys per bottle, so it is a really moderate cost and certainly everyone can afford to enjoy the taste of such wine.

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