Choya wine - Japan's national treasure

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Choya wine is a Japanese plum wine that is considered a national treasure in Japan. The wine is made with Umeshu, which is a Japanese liquor that is made from ume fruit. Ume is an apricot fruit that is rich in minerals that humans need, such as potassium, vitamin C, calcium and fruit acids. Ume fruit is characterised by its health-promoting effects, i.e. it alleviates fatigue, strengthens and purifies the body and helps with sleep disorders. Umeshu owes its delicious taste to the citric acids contained in the ume fruit. Japanese Choya wine is usually characterised by an alcohol content of 9% to 17%. It all depends on the type of wine e.g. Choya Sake, Kokuto or Old Years.

How to drink Choya?

Choya is a versatile wine. This means that it can be consumed before, during and after a meal. Its health-promoting properties help with food digestion. It is excellent as an aperitif and, thanks to its sweetness, is perfect with the addition of ice cubes on hot summer days. Choya goes well with less expressive dishes. This Japanese spirit is an outstanding accompaniment to fish and seafood. The sweetness of this wine blends wonderfully with spicy Asian cuisine and balances the power of capsaicin. A popular accompaniment to Japanese sushi is Choya wine, which turns up the flavour of the dish. Umeshu's outstanding aftertaste comes from the citric acid found in the fruit, and the refreshing taste stimulates the appetite. Umeshu contains malic acid and succinic acid. It is ideal for refreshing and recovering after a hard day at work. Choya with a few ice cubes will work wonderfully with the addition of green tea or orange juice.

Here are some recipes for great drinks:
1. choya sparkling
- Ingredients: one part Choy + two parts soda water.
- Making: Mix Choya with soda water in a tall glass. Ice may be added.
2. Choya Gin
- Ingredients: seven parts Choy + three parts gin
- Making: mix Choya with gin and serve in a martini glass. Optionally, ice can be added.
3rd Choya Kamikaze
- Ingredients: 15 ml Choy, 30 ml vodka, 15 ml lime juice
- Making: add Choye, vodka, lime juice and ice to a blender and shake well. Serve in a martini glass.
4th Choya Champagne
- Ingredients: 60 ml Choya + 60 ml champagne.
- Implementation: Pour Choy into a glass and top up with champagne. Can be served with ice.
5. Choya Mojito
- Ingredients: 45 ml Choy, 2 teaspoons brown sugar, 8 mint leaves, 2 lime quarters, soda water.
- Making: Mix brown sugar, mint leaves and lime quarters in a shaker, then add Choya and a splash of soda water.

Where to buy Choya wine?

As you know, it is a wine from the cherry blossom country. However, you can get it in big-box stores without any problems. There is a small selection there. The best option is to use online shops that such wines they regularly bring to Poland. On the websites of online shops we can find a larger wine selection, as well as a description of each one. This will help us choose the alcohol that will suit our tastes and preferences. We can find alcohol from different producers, with different flavours and additives and with different alcohol content. The price of choy wine ranges from 10 zlotys for the cheapest examples to 100 zlotys for a bottle of higher-quality alcohol.

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All in all, Choya wine is a great choice on hot summer evenings to cool down. Additionally, choya has health-promoting properties and is a great addition to dishes.

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