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By camper van through the vineyards: Amazing journeys through the wine countryside

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If you are a wine lover and also like to travel, you should think about taking a campervan trip around European wineries. Of course, you don't have to go to Tuscany, Spain or France; it would also be an extraordinary adventure to visit a wine safari. There are many possibilities, as there is no shortage of places known, for example, from delicious wine Bordeaux, which have more to offer than just delicious liquors. There are a number of attractions awaiting tourists, so why not relax or buy an RV, then plan a great sightseeing trip. 

By camper van in Tuscany: Discover the charm of Italian wines

Tuscany is sensational for a campervan tour of the wineries, of which there is no shortage, and the same can be said of the tourist attractions. It is worth visiting the pearl of Tuscany, Montepulciano, which attracts tourists like a magnet. It is in the south of the country that the wine of kings is produced, known and appreciated by the world's connoisseurs. You can taste the delicious liquors and take the opportunity to visit the spa, stocking up on therapeutic thermal waters. Many people leave their camper van at a farm so that they can also taste local delicacies.

Wine routes in Spain: The Rioja region and beyond

Spanish wines are excellent, so it's worth visit the surrounding vineyards for tasting. The most popular wine region in Spain is of course La Rioja, but you can count on many more options to choose from. It is best to plan a campervan trip in autumn because of the affordable prices, favourable weather conditions. This will be the ideal time to visit, there will be no shortage of tourist attractions.

Rias Baixas is a relatively small wine regionbut is famous for high quality wines white, light, with high acidity, perceptible minerality, an aftertaste of sea breeze. Also noteworthy is the Penedes region, which produces sparkling wines, i.e. with fine bubbles, fruity aromas. Also worthy of mention is the Jerez De La Frontera region on the Atlantic Ocean, famous for producing sherry fortified wines.

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Discover the flavours of Bordeaux: By camper van through the French vineyards

France is the perfect destination for all wine lovers, and the best time to campervan journey is the summer-autumn period. Some people opt for organised tours with a travel agency, while for others it is all about complete independence and freedom to choose their sightseeing itinerary. In the case of campervan driving, one has transport and accommodation in one, which of course translates into saving time and money.

In France, Burgundy, a very popular wine region, is especially worth a visit. You can count on delicious liquors and beautiful views, many tourist attractions nearby. It is in Burgundy that some of the most expensive high quality wines are made. The Mecca of sparkling wines is Champagne, responsible for producing the most exclusive champagnes in the world. The French Jura is also worth a visit, and of course you can't forget the famous Bordeaux region, which focuses primarily on winemaking.

Wine journeys in South Africa: Wine safari

South Africa is flowing with wine, so think about visiting this remarkable destination by campervan. A trip to a wine safari will stay in your memory for a long time, so plan your trip and mark the highlights on your map. South Africa's vineyards are recognised as some of the best in the world, which you need to see for yourself. There are plenty of places with conditions conducive to viticulture, while enjoying the surrounding flora and fauna.

A recommendable place to visit will undoubtedly be the vineyard Kanonkop, which is mainly famous for its red wines, made from carefully selected and ripe fruit. It would be a sin not to visit the Franschhoek Valley, known for its top wineries, and there is no shortage of establishments serving delicious food. The Stellenbosch wineries are also worth a visit, with tastings in an intimate setting. Peter Falke Wines Winery, Blaauwklippen Winery, Vendenheim Winery and Spier Winery are also worth a visit.

Exploring vineyards in the Balkans: Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia

The Balkans is an ideal destination for all lovers, so go to Croatia, Serbia or Macedonia for tasting and admire the beautiful landscapes. Bulgaria has for many years been one of the world leaders in wine production, with prized grape varieties. The Danube Plain is a sunny region with ideal climatic conditions for harvesting the raw material.

Also worth a visit is the Black Sea region, which is home to world-renowned spirits. Also worth a visit is the Struma River region, home to a winery that is a national leader in the production of strong reds. The Thracian lowland region, on the other hand, is famous for its certified organic wines, which have won numerous awards. Macedonia is a very important wine country, where vines are grown in the traditional way and the production is not only about mass-produced wines, you can also count on quality liquors.

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