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Someone who is just starting to get to know the flavours of spirits and different types of liquor may be greatly surprised by how much variety there is on the market. Interestingly, not only in terms of producers and specific brands, but above all in terms of the types of different spirits. There is no denying that one of the best suggestions is certainly kadarka. What is this beverage, what does it taste like and how much can it be purchased for in Poland's most popular discount stores? In other words: everything you need to know about cadarka. 

What is a cadavre?

Of course, the most important thing to start finding out about cadaver is to find out what this alcohol actually is. Then you will need to move on to where it comes from, as well as what it tastes like. So where should you start? 

Kadarka is wine, which is characterised by a dark red colour with violet reflections on its surface. This unusual beverage is extremely popular not only in Poland, but also in many other European countries, especially in the Balkans. 

Where does the cadavers come from? 

Now that we know what cadarka is and how it presents itself visually, it is worth moving on to discussing the country of origin of this wine. Where does it come from and where is it best known? 

VineyardLidl VineyardLidl

Technically speaking, kadarka is simply a grape variety that is grown in Hungary. This vine is also often referred to as gamza or gymza. However, it is important to know that this particular strain, from which kadarka is made, is also very popularly planted in other Balkan countries, particularly Albania, North Macedonia or Serbia. 

If all Balkan countries are very keen to make wine from this grape, where does the most popular one, which can easily be purchased in shops, come from? As it turns out, Bulgaria is by far the biggest producer of kadarka at the moment. 

For what reason this particular grape variety is it so popular? It really does have some very interesting advantages, which encourage businesses to choose it. First of all, it is very resistant to unfavourable conditions such as drought or low temperatures. Admittedly, the grape ripens relatively late, but the harvest is always very abundant with this vine. No wonder, then, that this vine species is so popular. 

How does the cadarka taste? 

If we already know a little more about the vine itself, where it comes from and why it is so highly prized, it is now worth learning a little more about the drink itself. So what exactly does a kadarka taste like? Is it a wine that will suit the average lover of this type of liquor? 

Of course, it has to be taken into account that cadarka can come in different forms and, depending on the specific region, can be slightly different in taste. However, it is generally accepted that this wine is quite delicate, light and also very aromatic. Its very big advantage, which is above all appreciated by lovers of this wine, is its fruity taste, which is characterised by an additional, slightly spicy aftertaste. In many varieties, an aftertaste of forest fruits can also be detected, which further positively influences the bouquet of the wine in question. 

As mentioned earlier, the taste of a given wine is to a large extent determined by the type of wine you are dealing with. The most popular wines of this type available on the Polish market certainly include Duzsi Tamas kadarka, which has a slightly sour, full-bodied taste, as well as semi-sweet Rosfield kadarka. 

How much alcohol does the cadarka have? 

A very important piece of information for any alcohol lover is the strength of the alcoholic beverage in question. This is because you need to know how much alcohol you are consuming in order to drink responsibly. It is common to drink alcohol, for example until dinner, then get in the car and drive home or even to work. If the alcohol is too strong, this will not be very responsible. 

So how much alcohol percentage does cadarka have? As you can easily guess, it is not a very strong alcohol. Cadarka is delicate not only in taste, but also in terms of alcohol content. It all depends, of course, on the species in question, but mostly its strength is around 11%, so relatively little. 

How much does a caddy cost in Lidl and Ladybird? 

Although the culture of drinking alcohol in Poland is improving year on year and for this reason we reach for better and better products, there is still a huge number of Poles who pay attention to price when buying them. We like good flavours, but only if they are reasonably priced. No wonder, then, that so many people wonder how much does a kadarka cost in the most popular Polish discount chains, i.e. in Lidl and in Biedronka.

Depending on the variety, you will come across litre or 750 ml bottles on the shop shelves. Their price is usually around 15-20 PLN. It is therefore a very cheap product, which anyone can certainly afford to buy. wine lover

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