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Blackcurrant wine - what's worth knowing about it?

via Dawid Lipiec

Home-made, hand-prepared food products are very popular in Poland. However, as it turns out, it is not only about food itself, but more and more often we also make alcohol at home. Beers, for example, have long been made this way, but recently more and more people have also decided to make wine. As it turns out, the ideal fruit for such a home-made beverage can be blackcurrant. Why is it worth make wine at homeand what are the benefits of using blackcurrant?

Why make homemade wine?

Before going into what specific ingredients are needed to make blackcurrant wine, as well as the method of preparation, it is worth considering first what the specific benefits are in making the wine yourself. Wouldn't it be a better idea to buy it ready-made from the shop?

First of all, you need to know that making wine yourself is simply very cost-effective. A good quality beverage of this kind can cost from several dozen to even several hundred zlotys. For this amount, it is easy to buy all the necessary accessories for making wine yourself.

Another very big advantage of making wine yourself at home is that you are fully aware of what is in the wine. This means that such wine is simply healthier, because you are sure that there are no unnecessary, often unhealthy additives in it.

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Finally, it should be noted that this is simply a sensational hobby that allows you to feel great satisfaction that you are doing something yourself and are not dependent on big companies and wineries.

Is blackcurrant wine any good?

So, as you can see, no one needs to be convinced that making wine yourself at home really offers huge advantages. It is now worth considering another issue, namely the fruit used for such production. Will blackcurrant be a good choice? Will the blackcurrant the wine has a good taste?

At the outset, it is important to know that all wines prepared yourself at home taste much better. This is due to the awareness of what is in them and what was used in production. Homemade wine is free of artificial additives, stabilisers and preservatives that interfere with the natural taste of the wine. Is blackcurrant a good choice for such wine and improve its taste even further? As it turns out, definitely yes, because wine from this fruit is characterised by a very aromatic taste, as well as a beautiful colour. This is the result of skilful pressing of the must, which of course requires a certain amount of skill. Blackcurrant is characterised by its natural astringency, which provides the wine with an extremely intense flavour. Of course, this aspect can be regulated by adding the right amount of sugar during the wine preparation process. The classic blackcurrant wine is a dessert wine.

Ingredients needed to make homemade blackcurrant wine

Now that you know that blackcurrants will be an excellent choice for the main ingredient in homemade wine, it is now worth considering what else you will need in addition to this fruit. What are the most important ingredients and accessories to have before you start working on your wine?

Everything, of course, depends in this case on how much wine you want to make, but in a home environment it is best to use a classic, universal recipe. To make wine, therefore, you will need 4 kilos of black bar, 5 litres of water, 2 kilos of sugar, as well as 1 kilo of sultanas. In addition to this, you will still need to equip yourself with a balloon, which is a distinctive glass vessel, a rubber stopper fitted with a tube will be useful for the fermentation process, as well as a hose for pulling it off.

Method of wine preparation

Where do you need to start when preparing your own homemade blackcurrant wine? At the very beginning, proper preparation of the main ingredient is required. To do this, remove the stalks from the berries, wash them thoroughly and then mash them with a pestle, for example. The resulting must is then combined with the sultanas, mixed thoroughly and covered with the sugar you have. Of course, the amount of sugar depends on the taste of winewhich one wishes to obtain. The specific ratio is therefore obtained by trial and error, but it is generally recommended that a ratio of 5:2:4 be kept for the fruit, sugar and water to be poured over the whole.

When you have obtained the fruit prepared in this way, it should now be left in a cold and preferably shady place for about 8 days. It is during this time that the fermentation process of the fruit will take place.

After 8 days, the resulting wine should be strained and poured into the previously prepared bottles. After sealing, the bottles must be left to rest for at least 3 months. After this time, the blackcurrant wine is ready to drink.

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