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The best gourmet wines: A guide to selecting premium wines

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Wine can be drunk with lunch, dinner or at a party. There are many types of wine to choose from, which are characterised by different qualities. Of particular note are the premium wines. Although they are more expensive than wines available in supermarkets or grocery shops, they the price is appropriate to the contents. What distinguishes exclusive wine brands? How can you tell if a wine is premium? 

What are the characteristics of premium wines?

The term premium is applied to something that is of the highest quality. When it comes to exclusive wines, these are first and foremost made from premium grapes. Each grape is carefully selected so that the wine has an amazing aroma and even better taste. Such wines are matured for a very long time first in barrels and then in bottles. Thanks to this process, you can experience a unique, harmonious taste that is incomparable to wines from the lower price range. However, good quality grapes and a long maturation time are not everything. Also important is the production technique, which is based on the winemakers' many years of knowledge and experience. Exclusive wines are often produced in small quantities and limited series. This is due, on the one hand, to the high quality of the raw materials, which are difficult to find, and, on the other hand, to the lengthy production process. The region of origin of the wine is also a characteristic feature. World-renowned wineries boast unique soils, an ideal climate and other factors that influence the entire production process of this excellent beverage. And we must not forget the price, which is higher compared to the average or lowest quality wines. 

Beauty and aroma: Discover a world of exclusive wines

Every wine connoisseur knows that the best tasting wines are those from the top shelf. The premium class is a guarantee of quality and an incredible taste experience. With a glass of such a beverage, even the most stressful day will become much more pleasant. Exclusive wines are available in good shops, and there is a choice of white, rosé and red wines. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from wines with intense fruity notes, floral notes or a noticeable hint of spice. Those who once reach for a bottle of premium wine will fall in love from the first sip, and the world will become even more beautiful. 

What does the perfect wine consist of?

Is there excellent wine? Of course it is. The range of premium wines is diverse enough to satisfy the taste buds of the most discriminating wine connoisseurs. An excellent wine is first and foremost carefully selected grapes that are perfectly ripe and healthy. Exclusive wine comes from a region where the climate is optimal and the vines are cultivated according to traditional methods. The taste of the wine is also influenced by the harvest, which must be done at the right time. In order for a wine to gain premium status, it must also be produced by experienced winemakers. The entire process is carefully monitored, from the cultivation of the vines to bottling. A perfect wine is the perfect balance between acidity and sweetness. In the case of red wines, there are also tannins, which must harmonise with the other ingredients. 

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Beginner's guide: How to appreciate premium wine?

For novice connoisseurs, evaluating premium wine can be a very fractious experience. Where to start? First and foremost, it is important to pay attention to appearance at the outset. The most important thing is to pay attention to whether the wine is clear or cloudy. Equally important is the intensity of the colour, as well as the shade. The next step is to gently stir the wine in the glass and smell it. This allows you to sense the aromas, which may be more or less intense. The first sip should be small. The wine should be left in the mouth for a while to allow the flavours to develop. During the tasting, the sweetness of the wine is assessed, so whether it is dry or semi-sweet. The next step is the acidity, which can be low, medium or high. The length of the aftertaste that lingers in the mouth after drinking the wine is also assessed. When doing so, it is also useful to know the region from which the wine comes, the grape variety and the producer. This will give you a better understanding of a particular taste. When it comes to evaluating premium wines, there are no bad or good opinions. Everyone has different taste buds and can interpret a particular bottle completely differently. The most important thing is to relax at least for a moment during the tasting and immerse yourself in the fantastic aromas and flavours. 

A ranking of the top premium wines: Our recommendations

Premium wine producers are numerous. Best wines come not only from France or Spain, but also from other parts of the world. Here is our ranking of the premium wines that deserve your attention.

Chateau Margaux - France

premium wine
Chateau Margaux

Rioja Alta - Spain

Rioja Alta

Catena - Argentina

premium wine

Chateau Cheval Blanc - France

premium wine
Chateau Cheval Blanc

Torres - Spain


These five wines are worth considering when choosing an exclusive wines for a special occasion. However, there are many more choices and everyone is sure to find the perfect combination of taste and flavour. 

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