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Auchan - Autumn Wine Festival | Choose the best wine from Auchan

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Enjoy an unforgettable wine festival at Auchan, where you will discover unique the flavours of good wine. In 2023, our supermarket becomes the place where wine lovers, such as Syrah or Carignan, can enjoy selected wines from the best vignes. Don't miss the opportunity to experience a festival full of aromatic wines from Auchan and discover your new favourite wines at Auchan this autumn.

It is often thought that finding exceptional wine requires a visit to specialist shops, but Auchan is shattering this stereotype in 2023 by organising the Autumn Wine Festival, which is becoming a culinary odyssey for every enthusiast of good spirits. During this event, participants will have the opportunity to discover a wealth of flavours and aromas, ranging from classic Sauvignon Blanc, through selected wines from the picturesque regions of Italy and Slovenia, to the exotic notes of Riesling and Hungarian Egri Bikavér. Auchan invites you to celebrate the fruit of the vine together, offering not only tastings but also knowledge that will allow festival participants to discover their new favourite wines, making each glass an unforgettable journey to a world full of flavour and tradition.

Discover the best Sauvignon Blanc wines available at Auchan

Exploration excellent wines Sauvignon Blanc on Auchan shelves is a real treat for connoisseurs. This grape variety, known for its dry and intensely aromatic wines, finds its unique representation in Auchan's offer. Thanks to carefully selected bottles from all over the world, Auchan becomes the place to discover the richness of the aromas characteristic of Sauvignon Blanc. From fresh citrus notes to subtle hints of green peppers, each bottle hides the story of the vineyard from which it comes.

During festival in Auchan, wine lovers have a unique opportunity to taste and discover which Sauvignon Blanc wine best suits their taste. Tasting These exceptional wines allow you not only to expand your wine knowledge, but also to find that 'one and only' wine that will become a favourite for special occasions. Whether you prefer wines with a fruitier character or those with herbal notes, Auchan offerwill certainly satisfy your expectations, presenting a best wines Sauvignon Blanc available on the market.


Auchan Wine Festival: Tasting of selected wines from Italy and Slovenia

During Auchan Wine Festival, participants have the unique opportunity to explore the secrets of winemaking, tasting selected wines straight from Italy and Slovenia. These two countries, known for their rich wine tradition, offer not only wines with deep and complex flavours, but also those that delight with lightness and freshness. Tasting of these exceptional spirits allows wine lovers to discover previously unknown aromas and flavours that can inspire you to expand your home wine collection. Best winethat you can buy in Auchan is one that was discovered during the festivalwhere each bottle tells the story of its vineyard, the region and the people who put their hearts into its production. For amateurs of semi-sweet wines and wine lovers of a more seasoned nature, the festival offer at Auchan becomes an opportunity to explore and discover the the best winesthat can enhance any occasion.

Riesling wine guide: find your favourite at Auchan

Exploring guide to Riesling wines available in Auchan, lovers of this noble beverage will discover that the high acidity and a varied aromatic bouquet are the characteristics that make Riesling unique. The Auchan range includes best wines Riesling that delight in their diversity - from those with a light and refreshing character, ideal for summer evenings, to full-bodied and complex, perfect for winter tastings. Buy at Auchan you can wines that are a perfect reflection of the terroir they come from, making each bottle a new story to discover. Wine festival in Auchan is an ideal opportunity to tastings find your favourite Rieslings that will successfully grace any occasion. Thanks to a carefully selected wine selection, Auchan is becoming the place where every lover of this unique wine can find something for themselves, enjoying the excellent taste and aroma that Riesling has to offer.

Egri Bikavér: Hungarian pearl available at Auchan

While Auchan autumn wine festival attracts wine lovers from all over the world, Egri Bikavér is one of the most sought-after items. This hungarian pearl, also known as Bull's Blood, is a blend of several grape varieties, which gives it a unique character and richness of flavour. The availability of this unique wine at Auchan shelves allows connoisseurs to discover the depth of Hungary's wine tradition without having to leave the country. Buy at Auchan Egri Bikavér is a chance to experience a harmony of flavours that go perfectly with a variety of dishes, making every occasion even more special.

At wine festival in Auchan, Egri Bikavér is presented as best wine from Hungary, which attracts the attention of amateurs and experienced tasters alike. Its unique composition, combining power and delicacy, makes it a must for anyone looking to broaden their wine horizons. With a carefully selected range, wines available in Auchan during autumn wine festival offer not only excellent quality, but also the opportunity to discover wines that bear witness to the passion and tradition of the winemakers. Egri Bikavér from Auchan is not just a wine, it is a story about the land from which it comes, available to anyone who wants to listen.

Experts' choice: The best wines from Italy and Slovenia available at Auchan

The wine selection we present at autumn wine festival in Auchanis the result of the careful work of our experts, who travel through Italy and Slovenia in search of the best wines available on the market. Thanks to their experience and passion, Auchan customers have access to exceptional bottles that are the quintessence of wine craftsmanship. Selection of experts is not only a guarantee excellent taste and aroma, but also the assurance that each wine has been selected for the best ratio of value for money. In this way, wine lovers can discover new flavours without worrying about straining their budget.

Auchan offer on wine festival is not only an opportunity to taste and purchase exceptional wines from Italy and Slovenia, but also to deepen your knowledge of winemaking through meetings with experts. Wines from Auchanchosen by our experts, are suggestions for everyone from amateurs to advanced tasters. Buy at Auchanyou can wines that are the perfect complement to any occasion, from everyday meals to special events. With a wide wine selection, Auchan is becoming a place where everyone can find something for themselves, enjoying excellent wine at an attractive price.

Portuguese Discoveries: Excellent Wines from the Douro available at Auchan

Portugal, a country with a rich wine tradition, is particularly known for the Douro region, where some of the the best wines available on the marketAuchan - Autumn Wine Festival is the perfect opportunity to discover these exceptional spirits, which delight with a wealth of flavours and aromas. Wines from the Douro are characterised by intense notes of blackcurrant and cherries, as well as a complexity of tannins that makes them not only excellent for tastingbut also go well with a variety of dishes. Buy at Auchan you can enjoy wines that are a perfect example of Portuguese wine craftsmanship, offering an unforgettable experience for the palate.

During festival in Auchan, wine lovers have a unique opportunity to explore the secrets of Douro wines, learning about the history of their production and the unique characteristics that make them special. Thanks to a carefully selected offer, wines available in Auchan sourced from this sunny region of Portugal, are becoming accessible to a wide audience, encouraging exploration and discovery of the new, excellent wines. The festival is also an opportunity to meet experts who share their knowledge and passion, helping participants to find the wines that best suit their taste and preferences.


What are the main characteristics of good wine?

A good wine is characterised by a balanced taste in which acidity, tannins, sweetness and alcohol are harmoniously combined. Also important are the aromas, which should be distinct and pleasant, reflecting the character of the grape varieties from which the wine was produced. The label can provide information about the vintage, the region of origin and the vineyard, allowing a better understanding of the wine's characteristics.

How does vintage affect wine quality?

The vintage of a wine is crucial, as the weather conditions in a given year can significantly affect the quality and character of the grapes and therefore the taste and aroma of the wine. Good weather conditions favour the ripening of the grapes, which translates into richer aromas and a better wine structure. The vintage can also indicate the potential for long ageing of the wine.

What is the difference between semi-dry and semi-sweet wine?

Semi-dry wine is characterised by a delicate sweetness that is balanced by acidity, making the wine fresh and drinkable. Semi-sweet wine, on the other hand, has a more pronounced sweetness that dominates the acidity, making it juicier and fruitier. The choice between these two types of wine depends on individual preference and the dishes with which the wine is to be served.

Which grape varietals are most popular at the Auchan wine festival?

At Auchan's wine festival you can discover a wide selection of wines from different grape varietals, including popular varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Syrah, Merlot, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Grenache and many more. Each varietal offers a unique taste experience, from light and refreshing white wines to juicy and fruity rosés to full-bodied and complex red wines.

What are the benefits of attending a wine festival at Auchan?

Participating in the wine festival at Auchan is a great opportunity to broaden your knowledge of wines from different regions of the world, including Italy, Slovenia, Portugal and many others. Tastings allow you to discover new flavours and aromas, while meetings with experts and winemakers enable you to explore the secrets of wine production. The festival is also a great opportunity to buy selected wines at attractive prices, ensuring that every wine lover will find something for themselves.

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